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  1. Would you like to be getting more traffic on your Web site?
  2. Would you like more leads or inquires for your business?
  3. Would you like your information available to people planning on moving to or visiting Yuma?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then YumaCity.com CAN HELP!

Every month thousands of people come to our Web site looking for more local information. We are constantly answering people's emails who request more information about the businesses listed on our site.

By signing up as a featured listing and showing more detailed information about your business, those visitors will link over to your Web site first. And, because the people visiting our site make up such a targeted audience, many will want to become new clients or customers!

We have 4 options for linking to your site from YumaCity.com. Each option includes a listing with a link to an Associate Page on YumaCity.com. The Associate Page will display different information and features depending on the level you desire, as well as the link to your Web site:

1. Extended Listing $20/mo. or $100/6months or $200/year ($40 set up)
  • A listing on YumaCity.com
  • Link to Associate Page
  • Contact Information and link to your Web site
  • Interactive Rating from listing page
2. Business Page $40/mo. or $200/6 months or $400/year ($60 set up)
  • All the features from above, plus,
  • You're listed above all regular listings in 'Featured Listing' area
  • Feedback area allowing visitors to post comments (like a guestbook)
  • 2-3 paragraph description about your business
  • Choice to display your interactive rating
  • 10 free banner ad impressions*/month
3. Promotion Special $60/mo. or $300/6 months or $600/year ($120 set up)
  • All the features from above, plus,
  • Ability to list pricing or coupons used by visitors who search our site
  • 50 free banner ad impressions*/month
4. Full Associate Page $80/mo. or $400/6 months or $800/year ($250 set up)
  • All the features from above, plus,
  • Custom designed section where you can include any type of information
  • Directions to your business
  • 100 free banner ad impressions*/month
  • You can edit/update your own information through an easy to use form
  • Free Domain Registration and DNS setup (www.yourcompany.com)

*A banner impression is each time a site visitors sees your banner.

Interested? Contact us today!

e-mail: feedback@yumacity.com
phone: 928.782.5915